Monday, August 4, 2008

sketchbook love - coptic bound

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when swanning on my flickr contacts this afternoon after a particularly harrowing hour with my resumé, i came upon this sketchbook in kateblack's photostream.

i sat there with my finger over the button for three minutes and could take it no longer. purchase. it's insanely awesome, and i hope i get that grant so i have an excuse to buy this one too. what better to use for daybooks re: art processes than awesome handmade, one of a kind type books made by another artist?

i know, right?

nothing better.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

video of a sketchbook

suzi blu shows you a little bit of her art journal! you can also follow along with this process if you check out her youtube feed. and, of course, there's always her website.

i love watching people create neat sketchbook entries in high speed! mmm paint.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Flower Chandelier

Originally uploaded by leontine

here's a new one in the bird series from leontine. i adore the way the garland of flowers falls! the striped ball in the center of the chandelier is pretty neat too. it makes me wonder what is below the swinging crystal and glass.

you snag a piece of her original art @ etsy.

the delicate way in which she renders these things is pretty neato. and, of course, we all love black birds.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

david wischer

ah, amusement. David Wischer is a local (to me) printmaker specializing in weird and whimsical serigraphy. we went to college together, and are currently members of the same printmaking club.

David also maintains a little blog called made in kentucky. you might check it out for some info about arty stuff going on in northern kentucky, though it doesn't look like it's updated very much.

an alternative, of course, it so check out David's website where he has plenty of affordable serigraphs for sale.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

watercolor by leontinemay

watercolor by leontinemay
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I saw this watercolor whilst browsing the art section today. It contains several personal symbols of mine, treated with an artist's hand, in a much more delicate way than I have ever done. I'm in love with this little image. I hope to hang it in my studio some day soon!

If you would like, you can go visit this shop and have a look at some other pieces by this artist. If you're feeling bloggy, check out leontine's blog right here on

Leontine May writes:
"This painting is from a series called "Scaring the Crows (or rather, not scaring them very effectively at all, and actually giving them rather a nice perch and some shade)." It is watercolor with some goauche on top and pencil underneath. Slightly more than 9 x slightly less than 7 inches."

Spring Ginkgos

Spring Ginkgos
Originally uploaded by m.Lee

Three color 4x4 inch one of a kind woodcut print by Marissa (mLee). She had this little gem listed in her shop amongst loads of other fab prints, and I bought it a few days after I told her she should raise the price. LOL. Srsly.

The color combinations she uses are awesome. I really haven't seen a lot of color woodblock prints I like in the past. So go see Marissa's stuff. You can visit her on at her shop: or you can even check out her website with portfolio.

You can read feature interview with Melissa's (and lots of lucious images of her work!) at this blog: Indie/Pretty/Perfect: mLee ... Massachusetts, USA